Impacts of Social Networking 2020

impacts of social media


Social media refers to interaction among people using some kind of media commonly internet with social networking sites like etc.

  • “Social” – refers to instant needs humans have to connect with other humans
  • Media” – what we use to make connections with other humans
  • Social Media” – Media used for social interaction
  • Social Networking: A social networking service is an online platform which people use to build social networks or social relationships with other people who share similar personal or career interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections.


  • Checking facebook/twitter posts
  • Finding information relevant to research
  • Sending and receiving e-mails messages
  • Downloading music and other things
  • Shopping (E-commerce)
  • Chatting
  • Entertainment


social networking sites
  • Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Blogging

Most used Social Networking sites

social media statis

1 – Facebook

2 – WhatsApp

4 – WeChat

5 – QZone.


PROS of using social media

  • Helps in conversation around the world.
  • Data, information can be exchanged easily.
  • Money over SMS can be saved by using whatsapp.
  • Information can be directly sent to large number of people easily.
  • Helps in avoiding boredom.
  • A local businessperson may expand his business over websites.
  • Helps in making friends and meeting new people.
  • Helps in seeking new job offers.
  • CONS of using social Media
  • Multitasking
  • Time wastage
  • Reduced learning
  • Poor grammar
  • Violence
  • Extremism
  • Religious extreme
  • Cyber harassment
  • Mentally disturb
  • Depression
  • Comments can break a person
  • Emotional scars
  • Distraction from study, job, family, life style etc


  • Educating Youth in Media Literacy
  • Parent-Child Interaction
  • Moderation of media consumption
  • Focus in Religious practices
  • Spending offline time more than online time
  • Spending more time with family
  • Choosing to meet people in person rather than online
  • Keeping a check on internet activity and avoiding excessive usage


In conclusionsocial media is, and will continue to be, harmful, unless something is done about it. The power it has over people is dangerous and often goes unnoticed. People should care because if not addressed, or taken care, of social media could cause national and international problems.

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