My wish is to become a smart phone…a real story

Please read this, specially if you have small children!

A female teacher was marking her student’s  homework, her husband was also sitting near her and was playing game on his smartphone.

Suddenly the husband saw her wife crying! 

Why are you crying? said the husband to his wife while playing game!

The lady narrated the story :

Yesterday I gave my class a writing assignment My Wish. as when I was marking the papers I see one of paper I’ll read that for your.. See…

My parents love their smartphones very much. They care about their smartphones so much that sometimes they forget me and I used to fell down.

As and when phone rings they never answer me even when am crying !

They play games on their phone but not with me. When they chat on phone they never listen me!

Even am telling something very important to them but they cant attend me as they used to busy chatting and playing on their phones!

Even sometime I feel the hunger and thrust but my parents kept themselves so busy that they even forget to feed me on time !

“So my wish is to become a smartphone” 

Now the husband was also wiping his eyes !

Let us not sacrifice our family and relationships over the pursuit of material things. Smartphone and gadgets are here to make our lives easier but not to control us, to make us addicted and unsociable. 

By Naveed

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